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Hey! I'm Amanda Kelly, founder of This Art Called Life, & I'm SO excited to share these powerful tools with you! 

I’ve been studying and using the power of mindset for years – both consciously and subconsciously – and after seeing what works for me and my clients I've honed in on the key ingredients to create successful, lasting shifts in any area from health, mindset, and emotional wellbeing to relationships and abundance, and to receive powerful manifestations.

Now that I've honed in on what actually works, I've curated my most powerful tools into ONE epic resource so that you can make shifts Now!

I was actually planning to charge for this epic package, but once I had it together I knew I had to get it into the hands of as many thrivers and visionaries as possible during these uncertain and unprecedented times, 
so I'm thrilled to introduce my...

Infinite Possibilities Mind Body Soul Reset

Throughout my healing journey from cancer, I’ve figured out that while mindset is key, deeper internal shifts must occur for lasting change to result. These tools address those gaps and put you on the path toward deeper healing, integration, and alignment.

This Mind Body Soul Reset Guide brings together some of my most powerful tools to:
  • Shift your energy so that you can receive more with ease
  • ​Recognize and release limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • ​Jumpstart deep healing and innate vitality
  • ​Bring you into alignment with your dream life NOW
  • ​Create a dominant state of joy, love, abundance, and freedom


  • Infinite Possibilities Visualization
  • 7 Day Mindset Reset
  • Journaling Prompts
  • ​Habits and Rituals Guide
  • ​BONUS 3 Day Refresh Cleanse Guide!

My Infinite Possibilities Visualization alone will create a powerful shift so that you can claim your beautiful, abundant life NOW. 

So are you ready to shift out of fear and uncertainty and embrace the powerful, abundant, beautiful being that you are? 

Don't wait – this powerful toolkit will only be available for free for a limited time! 

Transform your life with absolute ease...

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