Reclaim your Power and Rise Up Stronger than Ever
 to Create 
the Abundant Life of your Desires and 
True Freedom Now

Are you tired of feeling Stuck, Overwhelmed, or Hopeless?

Are you over constantly having to worry about your health and wellbeing, fearing exposure to pathogens and anxious for what they might find at your next check-up?

Are you done with constantly feeling like you're in survival mode?

Are you overwhelmed by the fragile and volatile state of the world?

Maybe you’re even done with investing in programs to help you manifest abundance or make LOA work or fix your mindset or create an online business or any other myriad of things… but none of it ever seems to stick… 
if you even finish the program in the first place…!

Are you ready to emerge from your Dark Night of the Soul, rise from the ashes, and reach the light at the end of the tunnel?

We are living in strange, unpredictable times, and most of us have been taught to look outside of ourselves for sources of comfort and security. But that paradigm is over. With the world in constant uncertain turmoil, we are being called to go within and remember our true Source of Life, of Love, of Abundance: It lies WITHIN.

Rise with Resilience will guide you back to your true source of power, help you Rise Up and Reclaim your Freedom, and empower you to create the beautiful, 
abundant life you've been dreaming of

Rise with Resilience is set of proven tools compiled in a unique framework to help you tap back into the innate power that already exists within and put you back in the position of the powerful creator that you are.

Create a resilient foundation to build the life of your dreams!

What does any well-built home need in order to withstand the test of time?

A strong foundation. 

A strong foundation is essential to help any structure weather whatever storm may come its way – 
and we are no different! 

Just like a house of cards, if we try to create the life we desire without 
focusing first on the foundation – it will inevitably start to crumble

Most of us have been lead to believe that we are limited by our 
talents, intelligence, strength, size, looks… 

You’re either born with it or not. 

But that’s so NOT true.
We are all SO much more powerful than we have been lead to believe.
What if life is calling you to do something different, step into a different way of BEing... 

What if you’re being called to BE that bigger, brighter, fully expressed version of you... 

What if all the struggle, disappointment, frustration, lack, hardship, and obstacles have actually been leading you to where you are now...

So that everything that isn't meant for you can fall away, so that you can release what's old and no longer serves, so that you can build something better, stronger, and more beautiful than before...

What if life is happening FOR you? 

This course is designed to place the power back into your hands and pull you into a 
space of possibility so that you can step fully into your power and potential. 

With the right foundation, you can create a life more 
beautiful, abundant, and magical than you ever thought possible.

What’s your vision? 

What are your soul’s desires? 

All that is waiting for you... That or something even better!

Rise with Resilience will help you:
• Get your Mind Set Right

• Create a Foundation of Faith 

• Identify and Shift your Limiting Beliefs

• Create an New Empowering Belief System 

• Nourish Your Body

• Reclaim your vitality

• Gain A New Understanding of Health and Disease

• Understand your Emotions

• Reconnect with the Innate Wisdom of your Body Intelligence

• Step into the Power of Possibility

• Reignite your spark

• Reconnect with your purpose, your passion, your power

 • Realign with your truth

Release what's getting in your way and keeping you stuck...


Rise Up with Resilience
Reclaim Your Power
Transform Your Life


Transformational Tools to help you create a foundation where you can 
actually heal and manifest what you want – and do so quickly: 

 Mindfulness Tips
Mind Detox
Breathing Practices 
Infinite Possibilities Mind Body Soul Reset
Stress Reduction


Here’s what you’ll get: 

 • Seven Value-Packed Modules to Shift your Mindset and Beliefs, Transform your Body and your Health, Tap Into Your Inner Strength and Wisdom, and Step into Your Power

• A Holistic Set of Tools to transform your mindset, shift your limiting beliefs, upgrade your relationship to your body and physical wellbeing, overhaul your relationship with your emotions, and reconnect with the truth of who you are

 • Bonus Infinite Possibilities Visualization to embody your future self 

• Private Facebook Community where you can connect, ask questions, 
and share your struggles and wins 

 • Lifelong access to the content and the community, including all future updates and upgrades


Rise with Resilience will help you move out of the dark and into the light.

Are you ready to create an epically beautiful version of reality for yourself?

Rise with Resilience will give you 
the tools create that life you desire – wherever you are. 

On Your Terms.

I’m offering it at a crazy-amazing price – just $77 ALL of the 
full-on magic and transformation 
and lifelong access to these life-changing tools…

I feel called to make this course – easily valued at $600 or more – super accessible because 
I know how life-changing this content is and 
I want every thriver out there to be able to Rise Up and create a beautiful and abundant life NOW

The price WILL be going up but I want people who are committed to 
get early access at a no-brainer price... 

YOU ARE WORTHY of ALL that you desire. 

Now is the time to Rise up and Reclaim your power…. 

Now is the time time to Rise with Resilience…

Now is the time to Rise and Thrive! 

Rise with Resilience
Find Your Freedom 
Get in now before the price doubles….
The magic happens starting NOW!
About Amanda Kelly
Hey! I'm Amanda, MSc, Mindset Coach, Transformation Catalyst, Abundance Activator, writer, and founder of This Art Called Life. 

After 10 years of being steeped in psychology, mindset, yoga, and personal growth, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. As a performance coach with a penchant for holistic mind-body approaches to helping students perform to their potential, I knew almost immediately after the initial shock what 
my path forward would be. 

I wasn't sure what the next several months had in store for me, but I was abundantly clear on my goal – not just to survive, but to RISE UP and THRIVE, and that somehow I was meant to share this path of healing and wellbeing with the world.

I had been feeling stuck, drained, overwhelmed... and refocusing on creating a resilient foundation ultimately helped me reclaim my power. I got my life back. 

Now, I've dedicated my life to guiding thrivers on their own healing and transformation journeys to identify limiting blocks and beliefs and integrate mind-body-and soul to activate healing so that they can achieve the life of abundance and freedom they desire.
NOW is the time to change your life.
Say yes to you and the amazing life that is waiting for you to say YES!
Act NOW to get in on this incredible Limited Time offer! Price Doubling Soon! 
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